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Sony to halt plasma TV production

Matt Burns

Most people haven't used the words 'Sony' or 'plasma' in the same sentence unless the word 'doesn't' was in there too over the last year. They stopped shipping plasmas to the US market during the first quarter of 2005, but now it looks like they are going to stop shipping 'em entirely. Their global output has dropped dramatically over the last few years anyways, as they have been focusing mainly on LCDs (Bravia) and rear-projection (SXRD). Last years number of 100,000 shipped units was down 67% from the previous years number of 300,000. You can only imagine that this years number was even lower. Maybe if they would have made their own PDP manufacturer facility it would be a different story, but they had to buy other companies panels which resulted in a lower margin for profit. We'll tell you though, that when Sony had plasmas, they were nice.

Anyone have a Sony plasma? You like it?

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