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Why does Discovery HD Canada get all the cool shows?


Our friends to the north may live in America Jr. but they are getting some great exclusive HD programming. Our friends at Digital Home Canada have posted several new shows coming to Discovery HD Canada this month as a part of their partnership with Japanese broadcaster NHK. The series is titled A Day in the Life of Japan and will include 6 Canadian-exclusive episodes that take looks at everything from earthquake-preparedness to the famed Akihabara district.

We still haven't managed to find out what happened to that HD footage of the aftermath of the Yogyakarta earthquake that never aired here, meanwhile the U.S. Discovery HD page continues to trumpet new episodes of Sunrise Earth as though they are doing us a favor. Take a look at the programs planned for August 13th and see what you're missing.

  • Invasion of the Giant Jellyfish
  • Science Zero: Daily Planet
  • Coolest Hideouts in Tokyo
  • Sumo Struggles
  • Bracing for the Big One
  • Akihabara Geeks
What do we have to do for these shows to get played in the U.S.? As much as we love seeing Blue Realm every day, there's got to be more to high-def life.

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