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Breakfast Topic: Pick a Realm, Any Realm...


This post about selecting a realm to play on caught my attention, as I recently find myself in a similar predicament. After playing many months on one realm, the guild I've been in has started breaking up - with several of my friends giving up on the game - and I'm left wondering what to do next. The existing guilds on my realm hold little interest for me and the Horde population there is sufficiently small as to make establishing a new guild a difficult or impossible endeavor. So I'm faced with the thought of starting anew. Should I re-roll on another realm? Transfer to another realm? And, regardless of which one I might decide, I'm faced with the ominous decision of which realm to pick. So, how does one choose the perfect realm - or is there such a thing? What do you look for when deciding to start afresh in Azeroth?

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