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Franklin brings some e-dictionary action to USofA with MWD-480


We're always seeing these souped-up dictionary things getting spec bumped in Japan: a color screen here, MP3 playback there, maybe some PMP functionality and a death-ray feature thrown in for kicks. Well, now slacker students in our very own homeland can see what all the fuss is about, and graduate past their TI-89 for "educational" screw-around device of choice. Of course, Franklin means well. They've packed in the obvious features you think you'd find in a "Merriam-Webster Dictionary & MP3 Player," along with a few reference apps and enough games to take your mind off those studies. The MWD-480 can also take SD cards for extra content to keep you busy, and you can load tunes to the device via USB. You should be able to find the device at one of those pesky "back to school" locations for around $80 bucks.

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