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NFL HD Preseason schedule

Ben Drawbaugh

We have all been waiting a long time and this Sunday will be the closest we have been to football in six months. While the rest of the world had their football fix this summer during the World Cup, us Americans have been waiting for the NFL and College football season to begin and while we still have a month or so to wait, we can get a sample this Sunday during the NFL's Hall of Fame game.

The Philadelphia Eagles vs. Oakland Raiders game starts at 8PM EST on Sunday and kicks off the NFL pre-season. This game will be brought to us in HD by NBC. This marks their first HD game in almost eight and half years, as NBC moves in and ABC moves out of the NFL business. This are big shoes to fill as ABC put on a great show and we have been less than impressed with NBC's HD productions in the past.

This won't be the only HD NFL pre-season game as many games will be produced in HD by their local affiliates, like WFLA in Tampa FL. Like all pre-season games these will be available to the markets from which the teams are from, but like last year the NFL Network is going to replay all the pre-season games and this year when available they will be in HD. The first HD game on the NFL network this year will be N.Y. Jets vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers on August 12th 2006 at 10am EST, which happens to be a replay. The real question as a reader DanMacMan asks: if DirecTV HD subscribers will be able to watch NFL Network games in HD at all? Great question Dan and our sources point to yes on channel 96, but there are some conflicting rumors. We will keep our fingers cross, but we are willing to bet this will happen.

We are still hoping that CBS will make a last minute announcement that they produce more than 3 games a week in HD this year, but we're not holding our breath.

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