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Spore to hit the Wii?


While a lot of people are actively wondering where EA's sprawling Spore won't turn up, we can tell you where it is likely to appear: on the Wii!

Color us unsurprised that Will Wright wants to turn Spore into a franchise powerhouse; we all know what happened with The Sims. With the evolutionary sim, however, Wright intends to focus on the differences of each platform, and he's pointing specifcally to the Wii. Or should that be with the Wii ... mote?

In comments this week, Wright let two very telling details drop. First, he lauded the Wii in its creative potential, mentioning specifically the controller (of course). He went on the decry the lack of a mouse for consoles, pointing out that this was something of a limiting factor when dealing with games for both the PC and consoles. The Wiimote, however, can point and click with the best of them. We're betting that we'll be getting ready to guide our own species next year on the Wii.

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