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Warner Music preps iTunes compatible "DVD album"


We'd probably have to take our shoes off to count all the physical formats that have been released in hopes of supplanting the J-Pop indie rock CDs on our shelf, but Warner Music Group is going to give it another go. Their new "DVD album" (not quite as exciting of a name as those SACDs or DualDiscs, but look how they turned out) features stereo and surround sound mixes of the album, along with a whole bunch extras like ringtones, remixes, photos and video footage. The real kicker is that Warner is supposedly close to a deal with Apple that will allow them to bundle pre-ripped iTunes versions of the tracks. Those in the know are saying that Apple will probably create the tracks and then ship 'em to Warner for placement on the DVDs, since Apple is loathe to license their DRM tech. We're not completely sure how the tracks can be tied to a single computer if they aren't bought straight off the iTunes Music Store, but we're sure they'll figure out something.

[Via iLounge]

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