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What's Your Best Pet Name?

Mike Schramm

It's finally the weekend-- let's list our best pet names!

My hunter loves changing pets all the time, so I've had a vulture named Leroyjenkins, a panther named Misterclaws, an alligator named Luggage, and an owl named (wait for it) Oreilly (but I had it before the auctioneer in Booty Bay, so I wasn't stealing). This forum thread has a bunch of great ones, too:

-a cat named Imwithstupid
-a gorilla named Kong
-a bird named Mango
-a spider named Phobia
-a wolf named DeeOhGee and a cat named SeeAaTee

I forgot about my pet lava spider, too-- that's him in the picture over there, his name was Fireball. Let's hear it. What's the best pet name you've ever seen or had?

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