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Why haven't morning talk shows gone high-def yet?

Matt Burns

Why have we yet to see any high-volume morning talk shows go high-def. It's not that we want to watch these shows but if a plasma really is more desired then a diamond, don't you think your wife/girlfriend would want to watch something she enjoys on your valentines gift. Live, The Martha Stewart Show, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show all seem like prime candidates for the high-def medium. They don't require many HD cams, all the sets are specular, and they garner huge followings. It would seem that shows like this would reach that un-touched women market. These three shows all take place in their own dedicated studio that features five to six different camera angles, max. All the backgrounds would be HD friendly plus, the sets being extra-wide already and these shows get such a large and dedicated audience. Plus, high-def will prove once and for all who colors their hair more -- Regis or Kelly.

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