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Sky HD and Pioneer not playing nicely together

Matt Burns

Sky just keeps on having issue with their fledgling high-def service. It seems like every time we hear something about the service, it's negative. Remember a while ago when they were have a 30% failure thanks to some problem with with the HDMI and HDCP? Well, it hasn't gone away but this time around they seem to be having compatibility problems, specifically with Pioneer plasmas. It seems that some 4th, 5th, and 6th generation units don't like copy-written material when it's traveling over HDMI;. *cough* HDCP *cough* Sky doesn't have a fix for it but Pioneer does and are encouraging people to call 01753 789 500 (remember, Sky is in the UK) for the fix.

Any of our UK readers having this issue with their Pioneer set?

Pioneer's press release

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