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Is the DS Lite too small for the large handed?

Joystiq Staff

One of the guys over at The Pocket Gamer expresses the true plight of the man (or woman) with the large grip. With photographic evidence in hand, a blogger takes us through the trials and tribulations of a system that just may be too small for some of us unusually large peeps.

Take note of exhibit A:

But what I've noticed when reviewing recent games such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Stormbreaker on DS Lite -- anything that requires heavy use of the shoulder buttons (especially the right one) -- has left me in agony. You don't have to be playing for more than a couple of hours a day either. And once you've developed a nasty-looking contact mark, you have to avoid playing for a couple of days to let it heal too.

While we'll admit, size does matter in some cases, we're more than willing here at Joystiq to suffer a bit of gamer pain in order to play on that super sweet DS Lite (not to mention it makes us look cooler in front of the ladies). Anyone else here find it more comfortable to play on the Phat as opposed to the Lite?

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