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Mac Pro's + Leopard = the ultimate HTPC -- nope

Matt Burns

Another Apple announcement and yet we still don't have our Apple home theater system. The big S did introduce the Mac Pro and while it looks like a mighty powerhouse, it just doesn't met our HTPC requirements of integrated ATSC/Cable Card capability and Blu-ray/HD DVD media option. The new version of OS X didn't get any home theater option and while Front Row is great, it still doesn't have any DVR functionality built-in. But when you look at all the power and storage that can be configured with the Mac Pros, a person has to wonder how far off are we. Slap together a nice looking media center bezel, keep the Xeons and hard drives, add a tuner (or two) all paired with a Front Row upgrade, don't forget that nifty Apple remote, and we have ourselves a great machine.

Would you buy an Apple media center?

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