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One important PS3 question finally answered

Nick Doerr

For some people, this has been weighing on their mind for ages past -- since the dawn of the PS3's creation. What, you ask? Memory cards! What of our old memory card saves? No one wants to restart that game they loved enough to get every item, maxed out stats, etc. Fear no more! The Official US Playstation 3 website has finally answered this question. The verdict? Yes. Yes, we can use our old saves. Yes!

This may ring more celebratory for some, but celebrations, beware! You will have to grab what the website calls "a virtual memory card within the hard disk. This requires a PS2/PSone memory card adaptor to copy the data to your PLAYSTATION 3. A memory card adaptor is designed to edit, up/download game saves to and from EMS flash card or smart media card." So this adaptor is sort of like a one-time use add-on? Seems painfully worthless, but it will be nice to have all those saves on a hard drive instead of a flimsy, easy to misplace memory card.

The rest of the official website has been updated as well. Check it out -- the games list seems to have decreased, but everything else is super snazzy.

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