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Pols want "Truth in Video Game Rating Act"


The ever vigilant Game Politics brings word of yet another video game bill (YAVGB), this one brought to you by a bipartisan group of Congressman spearheaded by Florida Republican Cliff Stearns, seeking "truth in video game ratings." Of course, Stearns is also the Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection, the same Subcommittee that The Daily Show's Jon Stewart teased for being out-of-touch in June. So what are they seeking with bill HR 5912:

  • "Rating games on only partial content: Unlike the present system, the ESRB would be forced to play games in their entirety." This will immediately become the dream job of gamers everywhere.
  • "Withholding content: Publishers would be on the hook for failing to completely reveal content to the ESRB." Also known as Hot Coffee and Orc boobies are bad.
  • "Gross mischaracterization of content: Although not specifically named, the ESRB would be barred from 'grossly mischaracterizing' (as defined by the FTC) game content." So wait, it wasn't coffee?
Check out Game Politics for some more on the bill and their adroit analysis of these politician's motivations: all three sponsors are running for reelection this fall.

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