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Sam & Max will be point & click [update 1]

Ross Miller

In a recent interview with Firing Squad, Telltale Games' Dan Conners and Dave Grossman confirmed that their upcoming Sam & Max sequel will have a point-and-click interface, much like the previous Sam & Max titles (and, indeed, all LucasArts adventure games before Grim Fandango). Grossman also notes that, while there are action sequences, they don't use action mechanics. "Reflexes are pretty much irrelevant," he said. "Bring your brain instead."

Grossman and Conners also discuss Purcell's deep involvement, their affinity for GameTap, and their reaction to Mark Rein's opinion that episodic gaming is a broken business. The duo reaffirms their plan to release new episodes monthly; from all we are hearing, we are very excited. We just wish Sam & Max would take the time to venture out on a Mac. Oh well, there's always Cider.

In other news, Purcell just posted the 8th edition to his Sam & Max online comic -- the first update since April. Don't forget to scroll over the slides to view the text.

[update 1: fixed a few silly typos]

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