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    Samsung's 6.9mm SGH-X820 reviewed

    Chris Ziegler

    We'd generally expect that you're going to give up some functionality, usability, or both when attempting to cram a phone's worth of electronic wizardry into a 6.9mm-thick package. In testing Samsung's X820, though, phoneArena found otherwise -- not only is the phone's screen surprisingly bright (though impossible to read in direct sunlight) and the speakerphone loud and clear, but the keypad apparently provides some solid tactile feedback, too. Menus lagged a bit during normal operation, but frankly, we've experienced the same phenomenon in much thicker phones, so we can't much fault the X820 for that; now if they'd only throw in a little GSM 850 action, we might be willing to give this thing a ringing endorsement ourselves.

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