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Sega claimed 32-bit graphics would require HD way back in '90

Matt Burns

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Do you remember gaming in 1990? Talk about the good 'ol days, this was the time that the games had to have a great story line and not rely on graphics. dug up the June/July 1990 premier issue of Sega Vision. (Remember who Sega is don't you? They were the forerunner on everything gaming till a couple of notorious bad console (Saturn & Dreamcast) launches knocked 'em down to just a game maker.) On page 7 of this premier issue, a reader asked about when they are going to see 32-bit gaming and what did the editor respond? "You are going to have to wait for a HDTV and that is a ways off." Keep in mind this isn't the mid-nineties but rather 1990. Now we don't know if the editor believed what he wrote or if he was just trying to prevent people from waiting till the next generation; we're thinking it is the later of the two. Don't forget that Sega did come out with the 32x just four years later.

Check out the link for the ability to download scans of the entire magazine.

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