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Touch Generations slogan ideas


We don't normally post about advertisements, instead leaving that up to the ad critics, but this Touch Generations ad just brought some hilarious commentary to our mind. We envision a nice evening out, maybe the couple's 23rd anniversary, and after a few glasses of wine, the husband is feeling a bit frisky once the couple arrive home. "Not right now," she says, shouting "brew" into her DS Lite during an intense round of Brain Age. "I have to get my brain's age down," she quickly follows with. The husband, upset, rolls over and firmly fixes a frown upon his face, falling asleep.

In the spirit of cruelty, we decided we'd come up with our own ad slogans for the Touch Generations brand. Here goes:

  • Touch Generations: Now having a headache doesn't have to be your only excuse.
  • Touch Generations: Because you're too old for most stuff anyway.
  • Touch Generations: "Paddles" are too complicated nowadays.
  • Touch Generations: You'll be damned if you're paying for another dog from the pound. 6 is quite enough!
  • Touch Generations: Because reading is for dummies.
  • Touch Generations: Because you should at least be able to kick your kid's ass in one game.
What kind of brilliant marketing ideas are swimming around in your noggin?

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