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Tube TVs quickly fading into oblivion

Matt Burns

The iconic tube TV is fading off rather quickly. People just don't want the big, bulky tube sets anymore with the new, fancy flat-panels just screaming for attention and it all boils down to price. For around $500 a person can get a quality tube TV or for around $800, they can pick up a cheap LCD. Now, we aren't saying that the cheap LCD is better, 'cause we all know that most CRTs will outperforms even the highest-end LCD, but the average person doesn't care. They just want the thin screen. Manufacturers have cut their model lines and retailers are slowly fading them out too. In fact Costco is not going to sell them after this years holidays. CRTs represented 78% of the market in 2004 but only 54 this year. There is still a market for some people looking for a bargain though as you can find a 32-inch tube for around $300 each weekend by looking in the weekly fliers.

Are you ready to kick your CRT to the curb and make way for a nice, new flat-panel HDTV?

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