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'XBLA Wednesdays' looks to keep rolling, Konami leading the charge [update 1]


Club Skill reports that OXM has published the list of Xbox Live Arcade titles scheduled for release on Wednesdays through September 6:

  • Aug. 16: Texas Hold 'em
  • Aug. 23: Time Pilot
  • Aug. 30: Scramble
  • Sept 6: Lumines Live!
I gotta admit, I have a soft spot for Konami's Time Pilot. Back in the early 80s, that joint was in heavy rotation on my older brother's ColecoVision. But I digress ...

With Frogger out, and Time Pilot & Scramble on the horizon, the Konami classics are starting to make their mark on XBLA. So where's Contra? And what's this about Symphony of the Night? What up with those Turtles!

[Update: redirected link to OXM directly.]

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