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Anatomy of a Fanboy


At the risk of prompting the masses to shout, "Slow news day, huh?", I couldn't help but post this article from Aeropause. From the article:

"Ever since man made the very first console there has existed a seedy under-culture of gamers. These gamers have chosen something to stand by forever, and no it's not graphics or the great games; it's the company they stand behind, and why would someone base every decision regarding their gaming future based on a company's past success? The simple answer is fanboyism, a disease that has affected millions! They separate themselves from the good fanboys because they believe that they possess the greatest console on the planet without consideration for the others out there."

Of course, none of you fall into that category. We're talking about other fanboys. Seriously, it's just a fun little article that's worth a read. The Nintendo fanboy picture on the bottom left of the article is worth the price of admission* alone.

*This is the internet, silly. It's free!

[Thanks, Dic k]

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