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HD DVD 2.0 firmware soon; enables TrueHD 5.1

Ben Drawbaugh

Man do we love our tipsters, who help bring some of the best content to HDBeat. Today one of them got their hands on the latest HD DVD firmware version 1.9 beta, which will be released as version 2.0. The new version has some cool features, no it won't enable Blu-ray disc playback, but it will enable the player to decode TrueHD 5.1, which can come in handy for those with discrete inputs on their AV receiver. Of course the good news is that the player is always getting better, but the bad news is that the updates come out more often than Windows updates.

Here are the updates in the past 4 months.
1.2 fixed player glitching and Blacker than Black and Whiter than White via HDMI
1.3 fixed RCA players that had the Toshiba boot up screen
1.4 fixed certain HDMI/DVI problems (Toshiba never specified)

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