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    Passport to London is your somewhat dumb guide to London


    Eurogamer has reviewed Sony's interesting non-game, Passport to London, which acts as a guide of sorts to one of Europe's most popular destinations. The idea of this software is pretty interesting: for example, let's say you're walking around and want to find a museum nearby. Or, how about a hotel? When the sun sets, of course you'll want to find a pub of some sort. Passport also includes pictures, videos and audio features: it has a very Talkman-like feature that gives you some popular phrases translated across multiple languages.

    While Passport seems to be an intriguing idea, the execution appears to be weak, at best. There is a distinct lack of information: there's only four pubs, one theatre, and even the more famous restaurants like Nobu are nowhere to be found. The review concludes that Passport is "a missed opportunity." Hopefully, future versions will allow for some more interesting features: GPS integration, internet access (so you can make hotel reservations via wi-fi), and downloadable updates are just some of the few ideas that are popping up in my head.

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