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Breakfast Topic: Pet Peeves


This thread in the general forums brings up a good discussion topic about everyone's in-game pet peeves. And note the definition - a minor annoyance that causes extreme frustration. I have a number of them, myself, including people who refer to me only as "priest," players who start yelling "HAEL ME!!!" the second they take damage, and the players who see me shadowforming in PvP and feel they need to lecture me on the worthlessness of a priest that doesn't heal. (The latter especially irritates me, as anyone who's played with me for a while should realize that, even with a shadow spec, I know how to shift out of shadowform, and if I wind up in a good group will spend entire AV matches healing. Argh! I get frustrated just thinking about it!) But what are your personal pet peeves in this game?

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