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Cash Money Chaos' insanely bloody debut


You play an Elvis-imposter in SOE's newly announced game Cash Money Chaos. And like the original Elvis, you are captured by aliens, and are forced to participate in a "twisted 70s game show." No, you're not going to be playing The Price is Right. You'll have to fight through dozens of enemies, killing everything in your sight. This "uber fast" shooter appears to play a bit like Robotron, if it suddenly turned into Robocop instead: making people's bodies explode in buckets of blood. The game will come with more than 50 levels, and include online infrastructure play for up to 8 players.

If you're interested in some really brutal cartoon violence, and want to kill ninjas, hillbillies, clowns, pirates, and aliens, then you'll have to wait a while: Cash Money Chaos is coming "early 2007." Check out the official website to score some art and screenshots.

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