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Logitech's new and sexy Wireless DJ Music System


There are plenty of wireless music systems already competing for our home entertainment dollar, but this new Wireless DJ Music System from Logitech is looking snazz enough to at least give a second glance. Taking a welcome cue from our usual favorite, Sonos, Logitech's remote features a clickable scroll wheel, and while their LCD isn't near as impressive, it should get the job done. The system's StreamPoint software can hook up with popular jukeboxes like iTunes, Windows Media Player and Musicmatch, and uses some 2.4GHz wireless tech for digitally streaming your tunes to the included Music Receiver, which also happens to be a dock for charging up your remote. Logitech has the price set fairly low at $250, but there's no word on when this setup is due to hit the streets.

[Thanks, Dave Z.]

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