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Microsoft demos Xbox 360 HD DVD, names price bracket

Ryan Block, @ryan

For Microsoft to demo their forthcoming Xbox 360 HD DVD isn't that surprising; to see them show off some UI mockups, ok, maybe a teensy bit surprising; to hear them give a price? Pretty shocking -- but they didn't, they gave a price range, and a nebulous one at that. HD Beat has it that during Microsoft's presentation at the North America DVD Forum Conference, the 360's HD DVD drive was said to "be the cheapest HD DVD player on the market for consumers who already own an Xbox 360 console." In other words, means it'll cost you less than a half a grand -- which is even less encouraging than what we heard before. Gee, thanks; playing this one close to the chest, are you Microsoft? Don't make us consult inside sources, because you know what happens when we do.

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