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Repair Costs Spiraling Out Of Control

David Nelson

Last Sunday my guild wiped a couple times while clearing out what remained of AQ40, then went ahead and wiped on C'Thun more times than I care to admit. 2 repair bots were used, plus all my armor was broken at the end of the raid. Repair cost? About 35 gold. I used 20 major mana pots, a stack of healing pots and countless bandages.This weekend I will be doing the same thing. Once we down C'Thun, we will turn our attention to Naxx, and I will be blowing through even more resources as we learn the encounters. I can't imagine the repair and consumables bill for people truly at the cutting edge in Naxx. Trying new bosses without any established strategy whatsoever has to be incredibly expensive.

More and more I have noticed that I spend the majority of my non-raiding time farming for herbs, cloth and gold, so as to continue my raiding habit. In fact, I think I spend upwards of two hours a day mindlessly farming. I spice things up by watching TV or chatting on the phone, but it is tedious. Yes, raiding takes up a lot of time, but the amount of time spent farming to stay one step ahead is almost a separate mini-game of it's own. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to hunt down some Dreamfoil.

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