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Sony announces TA-DA3200ES 7.1 channel HDMI-compatible A/V receiver


Sony has announced its new TA-DA3200ES A/V receiver today, able to handle a full 7.1 channels of linear PCM audio and 1080p video through its HDMI interface, in other words, just enough to make the most of your brand-new Blu-ray player. The receiver's also got plenty of power, blasting 120W through all seven channels at 8Ω, and includes a auto-calibration mic that'll let you easily set up your speakers properly. And, since most of us will still be hanging onto our DVD collections for a while yet, you'll be pleased to know that the receiver can upconvert video through its array of inputs, including four S-video and three component. Look for it to drop this November for 99,750 Yen, or about $865 US.

[Via HD Beat]

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