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Capcom asks: how about Dead Rising 2?

Ross Miller

With Dead Rising only a week old, Capcom is already breaking out the age-old question: how about a sequel? Eight questions into a survey on the title, Capcom poses the following question:

If a sequel to this game were to be released, would you buy it?

  1. I would even buy a new console to play a sequel on if I had to.
  2. I would buy it if it came out on a console I own.
  3. I would wait and see how it is received first.
  4. I would want to play it, but wouldn't want to buy it.
  5. I wouldn't buy it.
Don't take this to mean they are already working on a sequel, because this is just a standard query. However, with the positive reviews it's received (harnessed mostly by a gripes of stringent story structure and save system) and the brisk sales we predict it will have, Dead Rising 2 is inevitable.

If you take the survey, be sure to ask for online co-op. We'd love to see it.

[via 1UP]

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