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Korea's Curon busts out CE-based QCOX DMB/PMP


Just because everybody and their mom builds DMB/PMP devices in Korea doesn't mean they have to be boring about it, and this new QCOX device from Curon manages a nice bit of sexy even if the feature set is rather tried by now. The Windows CE 5.0-based device sports a 4.3-inch screen, 30GB HDD, DMB tuner and TV out, with only a medium-chunky form factor to show for it. It's all powered by an AMD Alchemy chipset, and has a snazzy Flash-based UI to keep up appearances. The interesting mode-switching wheel to the side of the device looks pretty dang cool, though we wonder about it's actual functionality in action. But it's not like we'll be seeing a lot of this thing in the States, and we're not even sure when it drops in Korea or for how much, so we suppose we have no room to complain.

[Via I4U]

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