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Pioneer's VSA-AX1AV 7.1ch receiver with 2 x HDMI and iPod support


Pioneer just dropped a couple of 7.1 channel receivers sportin' twin HDMI inputs. The mid-class VSA-AX1AV flaunts Pioneer's not-so-gimmicky Advanced MCACC technology which evaluates the acoustic characteristics of your room (including reverb) and then optimizes your home cinema speakers to approach "studio quality" sound. They also throw in an iPod input on top of generic USB DAP support which allows you to control your beloved iPod via Pioneer's remote while slapping your iPod's information up on the ol' TeeVee. And as we've seen in previous Pioneer receivers, this pup supports lossless WMA9 Pro audio playback in addition to the usual smattering of compressed formats like MP3, WMA, and AAC when you simply have no other choice. Also available is the trimmed-down VSA-1016V receiver which lacks MCACC and iPod support among other notables. Shipping in Japan mid-September with the VSA-AX1AV said to pull ¥118,000 (about $1,025) while the VSA-1016V should garner about ¥92,000 (about $800).

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