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Runco promises eight new 1080p projectors


Deets are a bit slim, but Runco seems set on having something for pretty much everyone (everyone with money, that is) with their new line of high-end 1080p projectors. They're starting things off with their new RS-1100 Ultra, a DLP unit that will be released for around $20,000 once it's done with quality assurance testing, but they'll also have models ranging from $12,000 for single chip models to $100,000 for three-chip action. Runco also plans to have CineWide versions of most models, which boosts the aspect ratio to "true widescreen" at 2.35:1 for a cinema-style experience. Other options include CineWide AutoScope, which can switch between 16:9 and 2.35:1, but bumps the price substantially. They'll be showing off these models at the upcoming CEDIA tradeshow in September, and if prior quality is any indication, they should be some pretty hot stuff -- so you might want to start saving those pennies.

[Via AboutProjectors]

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