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Aihou's portable paper shredder

Darren Murph

If you've ever needed any super sensitive documents destroyed, everything is fine and dandy if you're two cubicles down from the office shredder, but things get a bit trickier when on the go. Japanese company Aihou has developed a not-so-complicated approach to shredding documents while out and about -- by connecting 9 pairs of scissor blades to a blaze orange handle, you get a very awkward cutting device that makes dicing up that paperwork quite painless. We've seen miniaturized paper shredders before, but this contraption requires no electricity to make mince meat out of whatever letter, receipt, or list of vault combinations you may have laying around. Unfortunately, it appears that there are no plans for various colored handles, and the only other (legal) use for these would be to give a mean haircut reminiscent of an 80s fashion experiment gone awry. If you've found your way into a double-agent career path and just have to have a handheld way to eliminate that telling paper trail, you can jet on over to Japan and pick these up right now for ¥1,980 (about $17), but you might not be so lucky trying to convince the extra-cautious security guards that you're just wielding a portable office supply on your return.

[Via Road Gladiator]

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