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BioWare defines mass effect

Ross Miller

In the September issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, BioWare's Casey Hudson, project manager for Mass Effect, explains to the editors exactly what "mass effect" means. In his words,

"Mass Effect isn't plural (we wouldn't say "Mass Effects"). Instead it's a single phenomenon that you would use like "gravity" or "heat." So we also wouldn't say 'What's a Mass Effect' -- it would be 'What is mass effect?' Again, its use is like the term 'gravity,' where you would say 'what's gravity?' instead of 'what's a gravity?'"

Got that? Good. The plot of Mass Effect revolves around newly-discovered mass effect that some people can control and gives them telekinetic powers. Sounds a bit like the Force, doesn't it? Don't tell that to Hudson, who denies any similarities to the Star Wars mystical energy. While it is true that mass effect is a phenomenon and the Force is derived from internal midi-chlorians, the end-result is strikingly similar. Still, we're convinced that BioWare can make a great Star Wars-esque game.

Mass Effect should be out on the Xbox 360 in April 2007. Just be careful how you use it in a sentence.

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