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Dead Rising humor: I hate you, Otis

Ross Miller

Here's a little bit of comedy for Friday, courtesy of Something Awful. For those of you who have played the game, you know of the security guard Otis. He's the guy who gives you a transmitter -- quite possibly the biggest mistake you can make. Otis will provide you with "scoops," which are essentialy the side missions of the game.

However, it seems that Otis only calls you when you're being swarmed by a group of zombies and, when he calls, you can't attack (as you're holding the phone while the text is displayed on the screen below). Doing so will hang up on Otis but, no worries -- he'll call back. "Don't hang up on me," he says, "it's rude." Way to be understanding there, Otis, you fu ...

... you know, we'll save the rant for Something Awful. It's pretty funny, so click on the link and enjoy.

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