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Homebuilt "Evette" electric car gets 200 miles per charge


It may not be as badass-looking or quite as fast as the Wrightspeed X1, but Tom and Yvette Sines' "Evette" electric car does have the edge in at least one area: it's street-legal. And it ain't too shabby in terms of performance either, with a range of 200 miles and a top speed of 60 miles per hour. Like the Wrightspeed, however, a big chunk of the car is nothing but batteries, with twenty-four 12-volt batteries packed into that fiberglass body, which can supposedly be recharged at a cost of just $2 (although they'll have to be replaced every three to five years). While it's a one of a kind wonder for now, the husband and wife duo are currently seeking investors to help them mass produce the car, which they say could go for as little as $25,000 once production ramps up -- although we're guessing they'd probably have to change the name, or face some expenses of another sort.

[Via Autoblog Green]

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