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More red flag fun from TiVo and Macrovision


The continuing challenge that Macrovision seems to have with flagging TiVo content has claimed another victim. A harmless and potentially terribly boring flick from 1968 called "A Flea in Her Ear" has been flagged to expire within 24 hours of its first viewing once recorded to your TiVo in a totally legit manner. We're sure TiVo has some lame excuse this time like "broadcast noise" or something else totally irrelevant (the recording was, once again, made by a cable subscriber), and yes, we're sure nobody is terribly choked up about not being able to keep this flick around forever and ever. But it still threatens to uproot a very cornerstone of our freedom, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of TiVo. Thomas Jefferson would be totally ticked off.

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