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PVP Revamped, 25 Man Max, New Hybrid Buffs in BC

Mike Schramm

1up is reporting, courtesy of Lead Designer Tom Chilton, that Illidan's Black Citadel will be the most challenging instance in Burning Crusade at release-- and it will have a 25-player limit. Eyonix has confirmed, so if you were planning to take 39 of your friends to a brand new raid in Burning Crusade, better disappoint a few of them.

Other bombshells:

  • The PVP system will be completely revamped-- no more ladder system. Instead, you'll earn Honor Points, which can be spent for different rewards, including new gear.
  • "Arena PVP," in which players can get a charter to form teams for 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5. Also, a "season-based concept" for arenas. Your guess is as good as ours on that one.
  • Chilton says that putting Shamans and Pallys in both factions will let them "differentiate them more." Shaman will get Bloodlust, a level 70 party haste buff. Pallys will get a castable AOE taunt buff-- cast it on a player that's getting attacked to bring mobs to the Pally.
  • Instances will have different difficulty modes at different times-- an instance played at 62 will be easier and give different rewards than the same instance at 70.
Wow. A new PVP system alone will be great news to a lot of players (and terrible news to others who have spent hours gaining ranks in the current system). Arena PVP sounds really interesting, and should help more and more premade groups get together. And speaking of being a Shaman looking for an endgame role, the new buffs sound wild.

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