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Rockstar's Soft Serve tour in Philly tonight [update 1]

Rockstar's "art, music, video & clothing installation" is going down in the City of Brotherly Love today at Jinxed Clothing, on 4th St. just south of South St.

Not sure what to expect? Check out pictures from the Miami, Orlando, and Tampa stops. Not helping? Check out the featured artists who'll be, uh, arting at the event. Still not sure? There's going to be Table Tennis tournaments. Yup, the show isn't just about the uber-hip art world, but it's also about the uber-nerdy video game world and, try as Rockstar may to meld the two, we're like oil and vinegar, baby! We'll come together for little events like this, then be on our separate ways, back to our artist's communes/parent's basements respectively.

As soon as I can figure out what time things are supposed to go down, I'll update the post and let y'all know. Philly Weekly has a writeup of the event listing 7pm as the start time and $0 as the cost. Anyone planning on attending? Want to meet there and beat my ass at Table Tennis?

[Update: added event details.]

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