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Screenshot explosion: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance


When we found out that Marvel: Ultimate Alliance would not use the exciting and innovative control scheme that the Wii offers, many a Fanboy staffer cried, ever so softly, in the corner huddled in the fetal position, sobbing heard long into the night. Without a Wii controller in hand, their realistic interpretation of Spider-Man's web-slinging and Wolverine's claw-slashing would only make them look like a fool. With the controller in-hand, at least they could say they were playing a game.

OK, fine...that staffer was me.

Regardless, for those of you who have large amounts of sanity on tap, you may still be looking forward to this title. Surely, with such super-dudes as Ghost Rider, Blade, Spider-Man, The Thing, and Thor, there's plenty of reason for you to want to pick up the Wiimote and beat down a henchman or thirty. If that's the case, then go ahead and drool over the 39 new screenshots after the link.

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