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Surround sound with style


Always wanted surround sound but were afraid that those ugly black components would clash with your pearly white 360? Then Pioneer has the ultimate system for you! Enter the HTP-GS1, the first officially licensed sound system for the 360. Borrowing the aesthetics of the 360 and combining them with top quality sound, Pioneer hopes to sell plenty of these among the five million 360 owners out there.

The system can be set in either a 3.1 or 5.1 configuration. An all-in-one solution, the system has built in decoders, a tuner, a remote control and a separate display for the individual settings. The remote features a Media Center button as well as the Xbox Guide button and the X,Y,A, and B buttons. Also on board is a nifty feature Pioneer calls Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration System, or MCACC (shouldn't that be MCACS?). This feature utilizes an embedded microphone that adjusts each individual speaker to fit the acoustics of the room, ensuring that the sound from each speaker reaches your ear at the same time and the same volume.

If you've got about US $500 to spare, you can pick these up this month -- or you could always get something cheaper.

[Thanks, Randy]

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