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Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Wi-Fi details


Some details about Pokemon Diamond/Pearl's battle and trading systems have been revealed for all of you chomping at the bit needing your daily Pokemon fix.

The Global Trading system sounds like it would be a worldwide type of thing but unfortunately its not. It's regional only. But, it is a great way to barter Pokemon. Trainers type in the Pokemon they are looking for and are shown a list of trainers that have that Pokemon in possession. They can approach a chosen trainer and either have their deal accepted or rejected.

The Battle Tower is pretty interesting and the best thing about it is that you are friend code free! Using the Battle Tower does not require you to use friend codes. You only have to use them in the basements of Pokemon Centers. You will use voice chat to communicate and talk all the trash your heart desires. In the Battle Tower your team is uploaded and only those trainers around your level will be chosen to battle with you.

Pokemon fans get ready! Sounds like Diamon and Pearl are going to be larger than life.

[Via QJ Net]

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