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Project Offset nabs publisher, looks for 360 programmer

Ross Miller

Offset software, makers of Project Offset and the Offset Engine, has announced that it is now "backed by a major publisher but will not be disclosing the details just yet." Oh, don't be so coy ...

Another tidbit that has eyebrows raised is a new listing in their job section for an Xbox 360 programmer. While they might be looking toward the future, the longevity of the company depends upon Project Offset right now, so the fantasy first-person title might show up on the Xbox 360. Nothing has been officially announced, though, so consider it speculation at best.

The Offset Engine, as demonstrated through gameplay footage of Project Offset, is an impressive graphics engine with some nice touches like self-shadowing (very pretty, indeed). Check out their GDC footage or their latest sneak peak video here.

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