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A Prey patch in the works [update 1]

Joystiq Staff

3D Realms released news that patches are on the way for both the PC and 360 versions of their cool, but short first-person shooter Prey. If you're like us and finished Prey long ago and were left with nothing else to do but watch a horrid multiplayer slug along, this is great news.

While the single player side is a truly solid game, the multiplayer version of Prey -- at least on the 360 -- is a complete mess of epic proportions. Here are some fixes coming to the PC version:

  • Fixed a crash at startup on some machines
  • Fixed a crash on some machines when reading saved games
  • Fixed multiplayer weapon exploit
The studio announced its fixes for the console version as such: "[The] 360 patch for Prey which will address the network lag issues on the 360 as well as fix several bugs there as well." No date has been announced for the patch releases, but they promise to have them out "very, very soon."

[Update: Apparently "very soon" means today. If you start up Prey, an update will be waiting for you. We tested multiplayer to see if it was fixed and it wasn't. The game was still very laggy and close to unplayable. In fact, in one game we tried to get into, the game completely froze. Thanks for the tip, Grim]

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