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Itronix unveils lightweight, rugged XR-1 laptop

Darren Murph

If any of you have plans to venture towards the Sahara desert or Arctic Circle, but can't bear the thought of making such treacherous journeys without a laptop in tow, Itronix has the goods to keep you connected while fending off the brutal elements. The latest laptop to make it out of Itronix's testing facilities alive is the XR-1, a lightweight and rugged notebook that doesn't sacrifice performance in order to operate in less-than-ideal conditions. The 6.8-pound beast sports a 12-inch XGA touchscreen display, 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo processor, 40GB SATA hard drive, 512MB of RAM, and a fancy glow-in-the-dark keyboard to boot. While specs this good aren't usually found in such rough and tough machines, the XR-1 also manages to rock WLAN, WWAN, Bluetooth, and built-in GPS antennas that can all be utilized concurrently to presumably track down a signal from any corner of the globe. Making sure that all this internal goodness remains functional, the company designed the notebook to meet "military standards" for drops, shocks, vibrations, and water / dust resistance, not to mention its ability to survive a "bleach-water" bath if exposed to toxins. For those headed towards a pole, the built-in hard drive / display heaters warm up your fragile components before attempting to boot in sub-zero temperatures (and probably double as a halfway decent space heater, too). While we're impressed with the amount of power found beneath the plates of armor, er, casing, the (practically) everything-resistant XR-1 demands a premium for its abilities, and we'd humbly suggest changing your vacation spot unless the $4,330 (and way up) pricetag doesn't deliver a shock of its own.

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