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MediaStreet's Pure eMotion 128 digital picture frame

Darren Murph

So we've got digital photo frames that can play MP3s, connect via WiFi, understand your cellphone, create mosaics on the fly, and some that do nothing but show pictures, but MediaStreet has a new digiframe on the market that displays musical slideshows autonomously. While fancy schmancy picture frames aren't unusual, the Pure eMotion 128 is touted as being able to "present musical slideshows without the aid of a computer or other playback device," which sounds like a nifty feature, but probably not as revolutionary as it's made out to be. On par with basically every other digital frame out there, this one supports SD, MMC, MS, SM, and CF cards, as well as hosting 128MB of internal storage. The 7-inch LCD is surrounded by a white border and glass frame (much like another we've seen), and comes with an Infrared remote, tabletop and wall mounting hardware, a USB cable, and oddly enough, a set of headphones -- presumably for use with those slideshows that are best kept under wraps. While the feature set here sounds admirable, there's no mention of how the frame composes the slideshow, nor how you're supposed to actually get specific music clips to correspond with certain photos, so it's really anyone's guess as to how this thing actually works. Nevertheless, if you're willing to stick your neck out and hope for the best, this musical slideshow frame can be snapped up for $129 later this month.

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