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New York Times compares Canon's HV10 to Sony HC3

Matt Burns

So you have a tough decision to make. Your first born is on his/her way and you want to film the whole event in high-def, but Canon is coming out with their first HD cam, the HV10 or you can get Sony's third-gen HC3. What is a soon-to-be father to do? The New York Times took a look at both of the cams and their write-up might help you a bit daddy'o. They really liked the Canon's stabilizer system and external sensor that hands most of the refocusing but then again, the Sony is more then likely to be less problematic as it is their third incarnation. Either way you go, the cams will provide you a crystal-clear image of your child's first steps and life that will look great at their graduation open house 18 years from now. That is of course if HDTVs are still around and they haven't been overtaken by those holographic displays we all read about in Tom Swift books as a kid.

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