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Verizon's FiOS moves into 57,000 North Texan's homes

Matt Burns

Verizon is keeping the FiOS trucks a-rolling with their move into 57,000 homes in northern Texas. This rollout covers 30,000 in Plano, 9,400 in Carrolton, 5,900 in Irving and 12,000 in Garland. The first three cities will have had the chance to order the service since the beginning of the year, but Verizon isn't stopping there as they plan on installing more and more fiber to cover North Texas. This brings FiOS subscription rate to nearly 3 million household across the country, but only in nine states. We know that it takes a long time to lay all that fiber-optic cable, but come on Verizon, lets go. We know a lot of people that would like to take advantage of the huge bandwidth and good selection of high-def stations you have to offer.

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