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Capcom aware of Dead Rising standard-definition woes


Apparently, Capcom wasn't paying attention last December when Ubisoft head honcho Yves Guillemot publicly admitted that King Kong for Xbox 360 was unplayable on standard-definition televisions. The Dead Rising developer seems to have committed a similar oversight, presumably testing the game on HD monitors only.

Over on the Capcom BBS forums, complaints have piled up, prompting one forum administrator to post: "Dear Everyone, I have heard your concerns and passed them to every source within Capcom possible. I feel your pain as I, myself, have a large SDTV and am having trouble reading the mission objectives, item names, etc."

Joystiq can confirm that item descriptions, in-game dialogue, and mission objectives (given via text prompts) are unreadable on a 27" standard-definition TV set using component A/V inputs. That this "next-generation" title doesn't provide voiceovers for dialogue and mission objectives is questionable enough, but not testing the game in standard-definition resolution? C'mon Capcom, get to know your consumer base.

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